A Feral™ functions combination upgrades your system to the highest level but at an affordable price package.
The set up includes:

  • Aero massage system with 12 air jets
  • Chromo therapy LED
  • Ozone therapy System 200mg / h


The air pump delivers with pressure hot air through the tubes and the air jets to the bottom of the basin.
The hot air is supplied to the basin creating thousands of small bubbles which embrace the feet causing a soft and beneficial massage.
By selecting the electronic control we can increase or decrease the air
pressure and volume of the Massage adjusting it to your personal needs.


The HYDRO JET for foot tubs have been developed in response to the strictest directives for health Spa. They have replaced the old style whirlpool using pumps through piping. The water jets offer a silent and relaxing foot massage while ozone oils and salts can be added to the water without concerns about system wear. The front panel is removed after each use and complete disinfection is a matter of seconds


The Ozone is the result of high concentration of free oxygen in water. Oxygen has a beneficial effect on peripheral bloodstream which is combined with the oxygenation of the skin and the epidermis. The water temperature should be slightly higher than the body temperature. In this way deep skin and pore cleaning is achieved, removing the dead cells of the upper skin cells. The presence of the ozone has also as a result the self-cleaning and decontamination of the piping and jet aero replacing the oldest chemical way.


The color therapy is a treatment that utilizes the energy of light color to the skin and stimulates the function of various body organs aiming at strengthening psychophysically the body and treating various diseases. This can occur using the beneficial effect of 256 combinations of the 7 basic colors used chromo therapy:
red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet and lilac. Generally, blue and violet are considered to help calm the spirit, green relaxes, red and orange give a refreshing feeling of intensity, while yellow creates euphoria.